Rory Musgrave

Born 14 November, 1983

CLEGGAN, Co Galway, Ireland

"Irish baritone Rory Musgrave, as the divinely inspired prophet Magnus, matched Bailey’s intensity. Musgrave’s monotone declamation in the opening act was focused and captivating, and the image of the prophet stripped to a ragged loincloth, smeared with blood and wine, was as arresting as the tremor of Vesuvius that thundered at this point."


Rory was born and raised in Connemara on the family farm and his musicality was spotted from a young age. In order to further develop his talent he was sent to boarding school in Dublin where music was an integral part of his education. Leaving school, Rory then took a circuitous route to Opera. He decided to broaden his education and did a B.A. in Film Studies and English, where his taste for story telling only grew. He followed this with an M.A. in Drama Contemporary Theatre Studies and went to work in free lance theatre production. This was all in parallel to his singing, which never went away. Rory sang with the Christchurch Cathedral Choir, Dublin, as a choral scholar before joining the International choral group Anúna. He toured and recorded with them for several years and gained huge experience in performing, recording, touring and educational work. He still retains a strong relationship with the group.

As "Magnus" in Felicien David's Herculanum WFO 2016 Photo by Clive Barda

As "Magnus" in Felicien David's Herculanum WFO 2016 Photo by Clive Barda

At the age of 26 he realised that he wished to specialise, and to combine his work in theatre and singing. Already a keen opera lover he enrolled in the Royal Irish Academy of Music on their M.A. in Vocal Performance and trained under Philip O'Reilly. This coincided with an expansion in the opera productions in the RIAM with the Opera Briefs project, and he was given many opportunities to gain stage experience and cut his teeth as a young baritone. This gave him the foundations for his new career.

Rory went on to learn his trade with many Irish based companies, starting in chorus with Northern Ireland Opera, Opera Theatre Company and Wexford Festival Opera. From here he worked his way up the ranks from chorus to understudies, and finally supporting and principal roles.

He is presently training under Owen Gilhooley in Dublin.